A Country Wife

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The Country Wife

Enter Mr. Pinchwife to them. Why, pray, who boasts of any intrigue with me? Come my poor Rogue, but thou lik'st none better then me? Nay, why, Love?

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Was it any Hampshire Gallant, any of our Neighbours? Ay, but if he loves me, why shou'd he ruin me? In baggage, in. S'death I'll not suffer it. Here Harcourt , do you approve my choice? Harcourt how dost thou like her, Faith? Tell me, I say, Harcourt , how dost thou like her? But why, Sir, is Marriage an Enemy to you now? Nay, now you are rude, Sir. How, did he disparage my parts? Goes to the door, and returns. No, not with t'other, but with Mr. But, poor Gentleman, cou'd you be so generous? No Man! Come, is your Ladyship reconciled to him yet? Come, what's here to do?

A Confessor! Nay, I will go abroad, that's once. Sister, how shall we do, that she may not be seen, or known? Who is that, that is to be bubled? Did she tell you so? Don't you give money to Painters to draw you like?

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Come let's be gone Mistriss Margery. Lord, what a power of brave signs are here! Is it for your honour or mine, to have me jealous? He afraid to loose you, Madam! But with what kind of love, Harcourt?

The Country Wife, Act I

What, invite your Wife to kiss Men? I will never forgive you. Sparkish 's. Prethee Pinchwife , who is this pretty young Gentleman? One to whom I'm a guardian. O Jeminy! Is this he Bud?

Posted in Theatre. Directed by Ella Dufton and Imogen Hayes, the raunchy restoration comedy follows the promiscuous Horner Kwame Owusu in his plan to seduce as many married women as possible by announcing that he is in fact, a eunuch!

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A hilarious tale of confusion and cuckolding ensues, and the cast do a wonderful job of ensuring that the audience fully understands the plot, despite the language it is written in. For me, although all the cast were notable, Ottilie Nye Lady Fidget , Elizabeth Key Margery Pinchwife , and Charlie White Sparkish stood out above the rest with their attention to humour and ability to really go all out to make the audience laugh.


Each of them inhabited their characters to the fullest and this made them the most dynamic to watch in any scene. The comedic timing of all three is really what kept the momentum of the play going. Another moment of hilarity came from Key when she appeared onstage holding a ridiculous amount of oranges, which she, of course, could not keep hold of and continuously dropped. However, it has to be said that the flow of the piece was massively hindered by the scene transitions and the movement of set — with each set change bringing members of the cast onstage to slowly remove or add a seemingly heavy glass cabinet full of glasses and to add or remove the central set piece of a sofa.

Imitating a studio setting was a very clever way of assuring smooth transitions and worked well for this production.

country wife

The set design seems to have been a group effort. It was sleek and evoked the mid-century modern style which has come and gone as fashionable multiple times since the s. Costumer Spencer Dye, who also plays Mrs. Dainty, does a marvelous job of rounding out the setting with her bold 50s styles and bright pops of color. Both men and women were outfitted in clothes that stood out in a way that emphasized the glamour and uniqueness of the 50s. Critics have long argued about the meaning behind The Country Wife.

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He is truly in love with Alithea. The Country Wife is a charming production filled with shenanigans.

Does anyone get a happy ending?

A Country Wife A Country Wife
A Country Wife A Country Wife
A Country Wife A Country Wife
A Country Wife A Country Wife
A Country Wife A Country Wife
A Country Wife A Country Wife

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