A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)

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The Discovery of Entropy

Grimgor, seeing how savagely the Yusak fought, decided that here in this new land was possibly a challenge that he would like. Ordering his army on, he set up camp in the heart of Kurgan lands, which was the shortest and quickest route to the lands of the Empire. So, to raid and plunder the lands to the west, the marauding tribes of the dark gods would have to pass through Grimgor and his horde to reach them or to take a long diversion.

As word spread, tribes of marauding warriors would gather to test themselves against the "Green Daemon" and his horde. Once again Grimgor was content. He had found another never-ending battle. On a side note, Grimgor's action to block the closest route to Kislev and the Empire High Pass had allowed those two nations to regain their losses and strength, benefiting the Empire greatly.

As Grimgor sat along the most direct route to the Empire from the East, storm clouds of war were gathering further to the North. The forces of Chaos were gathering under the banner of Archaon, the Lord of End Times and his followers. In time, the land to the North could no longer contain or maintain the tribes, and in a bloodthirsty flood the Horde of Chaos descended South into the Great Skull Lands.

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Like locusts over crops, the wild-eyed Kurgan tribesmen ravaged all before them. Hundreds of Greenskins that were caught in their path were destroyed. As Crom reached the foothills below the pass, he found his way blocked by rank upon rank of Orcs and Goblins. Unlike the other Greenskins his forces had overrun on their march, these Greenskins appeared well ordered and ready for battle.

This was the army of Grimgor. Grimgor having become bored once more by the challenge offered by the tribes of the steppes had eagerly ordered his army North upon hearing of the approach of Crom. Here again was a challenge worth facing. Arriving ahead of the Chaos Horde, Grimgor ordered his force to block the mouth of the pass, making sure that Crom and his army would have no other choice but to face him. As the sun rose from behind the Mountain of Mourn the two armies met.

This would become the greatest battle that had ever been seen in the Dark Lands. The two armies collided in battle, Men and Greenskins died in the hundreds, the Kurgans warriors fought for their Lord Crom and their Dark Gods like men possessed, the Orcs and Goblins indifferent to their losses fought just for the joy of battle and killing.

But this time it was the Greenskins that faltered. Never before had they faced men who fought with such blood-rage.

Entropy: The Hidden Force That Complicates Life

For every man cut down, 2 or 3 were there to take their place, there seemed no end to them. They had met an opponent that was just as indifferent to losses as they were, an army of men so unlike the weak men of the west. After hours of battle, with thousands killed on both sides it was the Orcs that were defeated and who fled the battlefield.

As the battle was raging Grimgor was still looking for an opponent that could give him a challenge. All the Kurgan that he had faced and killed did little to satisfy his need. Fighting in the thick of the battle he fought his way deep into the Chaos hordes lines, fighting and killing dozens as he raged about without finding a worthy opponent.

Then he saw Crom. Like Grimgor, Crom easily bested any who faced him. Goblins, Orcs, Black Orcs, boar riders and trolls all died to his sword and axe. Crom too was looking for an opponent that would test his skill. Then Crom saw Grimgor.

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As each set eyes on the other, both knew they had finally met a worthy opponent. The fight was one of epic scale. For hours they fought as their two armies battled around them. Both gaining the advantage at times but neither able to kill the other. As the sun began to set Crom and Grimgor pulled apart each staring at the other with respect, wondering how to end the other's life. After several minutes Crom stepped back lowering his weapon, signalling an end to their fight. Grimgor howled in rage at the insult, wanting to continue combat.

As Crom stood silently, Grimgor looked around for the first time since the battle began. All he saw was dead bodies and the army of Chaos, his army had fled into the mountains. Looking back at Crom and the Chaos warriors around them Grimgor retreated slowly back daring any to stop him. Once clear he turned and fled slowly South away from the High Pass. For the first time Grimgor had been defeated. For the first time he had failed to master a challenge.

The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

Grimgor's own personal standard was almost captured during the battle, a Champion of Chaos about to break it over his knee, until a Black Orc called Taugrek jumped in, throttling the Chaos Champion with his bare hands, before claiming the standard and fleeing with the rest of Grimgor's army.

As the days passed and Grimgor gathered up his scattered forces, he felt the unfamiliar pangs eating away at his pride. He vowed that he would absolve himself in the eyes of Mork and Gork, the Orc Gods.

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Grimgor blamed his defeat on the inclusion of smaller, weedier greenskins such as Goblins in his army and decided to rearrange his horde to include only the biggest and best of the Boyz. Grimgor slaughtered all the remaining Goblins and gathered all the biggest, toughest boyz around.

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The 'Ardboyz were also known to carry a huge stone effigy of Gork with them into battle. Grimgor also constructed a pair of massive siege engines, one was a huge battering ram, and the other a giant catapult. These were also made in the image of Gork and Mork, essentially Fantasy versions of Gargants.

In the Empire, the forces of good have gathered together to prepare for the invasion of Chaos from the North. Grimgor was getting too close to his personal lab and his toys. To put a stop to this threat, Throt gathered together his strongest Rat Ogres and unleashed them on the approaching Orc horde, taking Grimgor and his Orcs by surprise. The dozens of Rat Ogres were, at first, able to drive the invaders back until Grimgor got over his surprise. Smiling, he quickly found a spot from where he could fight back against this new challenge.

Placing himself in a narrow tunnel, Grimgor stood alone against the Rat Ogres while the Orcs and Goblins fled back to the upper levels. For hours Grimgor battled the Rat Ogres, killing all that came against him. Soon the Rat Ogres and Skaven pulled back, unable to defeat this mad green monster. Upon hearing of the defeat of his mutant Rat Ogres, Throt became enraged.

It seemed that he would personally have to confront this menace to his peace. Gathering up his most dangerous creations, Throt marched out to face Grimgor but the green monster was gone. Already in a rage over having to stop his experiments to deal with the Greenskin threat and now finding that Grimgor had disappeared back to the upper reaches of Karak Ungor, Throt unleashed his deadly mutant creations upon the empire.

Grimgor did not flee the tunnels beneath the World Edge Mountains because he feared the approach of Throt. He did not even realize that the mad Skaven was on his way.

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Instead, it was boredom that made Grimgor return to Karak Ungor. After his battle with the Rat Ogres, Grimgor had become bored. He saw the Rat Ogres as the best that the Skaven could send against him and after facing that challenge there was nothing left for him to do. The years of killing Skaven, humans and dwarfs no longer interested him and so he turned his attention elsewhere to find new challenges.

Battling Entropy: Making Order of the Chaos in Our Lives

Gathering up his army, Grimgor set a course north and east. He was going to attempt to cross the treacherous region where the World Edge Mountains met the Mountains of Mourn. No other army had ever successfully made the crossing and this became more of a reason for Grimgor to succeed. Once again he conquered the challenge but no sooner did his army make it across the first mountain range than they found a second in their path.

Grimgor ordered his army onwards, the weaker Goblins perishing in the hundreds from the cold and snow, dozens more fell to Grimgor's axe as they tried to flee back the way they came. The rest of the army, mainly Orcs by now, marched on fearing Grimgor more than they feared the mountains and winter. A week later the horde had done the impossible. No sooner had the Greenskin horde made camp in the open steppes for the night than the sentries spied a huge cloud of dust on the horizon.

A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)
A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1) A Storm of Chaos (The Colliding Empires Book 1)

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