Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

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Bad Kitty Gets A Bath See a Problem?

Break out the bandages! Bad Kitty needs a bath. And she's not getting in the tub without a fight. Bad Kitty really needs a bath, and she is forced to take one in this hysterical new illustrated how-to for young readers. The following are some items you will need for Kitty's bath: one bathtub, plenty of water, dry towels, a suit of armor, a letter to your loved ones, clean underwear because stressful situations can cause "accidents" , an ambulance in your driveway with the engine running, and, oh, yeah, you'll also need Kitty. Kitty is at her worst in this riotous how-to guide filled with bad smells, cautionary tales of horror, and hopefully by the end.

This book is funny and educational especially for people who do not know much about cats. It brings the reality of cats to the reader and illustrates exactly what happens with cats in certain situations, very funny. A good read for children and adults. A hysterical story about Bad Kitty getting a bath. The story is written about cats hating baths, especially if they don't want to get wet and what you will need for a bath a suit of armor, a goodbye letter to your family, lots of plasma and lots of bandages , how to give a cat a bath and what will happen between you and your cat after giving them a bath.

The graphic novel was really funny and the little quips written by Uncle Murray or on the side definitely added to the humor of the situation. The stories are split into perfect chapters and is accompanied by a glossary that helps define some vocabulary throughout the book.

Bad Kitty series by Nick Bruel -- Book Trailer

This is a story I would have out for even beginner readers to just look at and laugh at the illustrations and begin experimenting with reading novels. This is a very funny graphic novel for young readers about how to go about giving your kitty a bath. We learn that kitties hate baths, but how to talk your cat into getting one anyway. The book also contains some interesting facts about cats. This book is so hilarious! I was laughing out loud through the whole thing! A great book for anyone who has a kitty or ever wanted one! Classroom connection: Cats.

Great idea to mix non-fiction with fiction.

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It tells how cat's bathe, about fur-balls, and if needed the correct way to bathe a cat. Also included was what happens when a little boy tries to bathe like a cat. The illustrations were really cute and added to the story immensely.

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Great intro into cats. These Bad Kitty books is the very first 'chapter books' my dyslexic son will read. He's read these all over and over again and I'm grateful for the thoughtful humor and illistrations of this book. I love the book too! Get them all and laugh, laugh, laugh. It's so good to see my son actually WANT to read a book! These are giving him his first taste of loving to read a book. It's not easy being 9 years old and dyslexic. Thank you Nick Bruel.

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Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

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  7. Bad Kitty Gets a Bath is aimed at beginning readers, but doesn't talk down to them. This book is perfect for that reader who is moving beyond basic readers, who wants something more interesting and entertaining, but who doesn't want a long, text-heavy book. Yes, it's all well and good that some kids are reading Chaucer in kindergarten; but the other kids deserve good stories, too. Bad Kitty Gets a Bath is a book that will make a reader of any age laugh. And it's not a book that looks young or babyish; other kids are not going to snicker at the child reading this book.

    On to the book itself; as the title says, it's about giving a kitty a bath. Many reluctant readers like non-fiction; this book appeals to that need, with facts about cats and how cats clean themselves and baths, and even includes a glossary. The illustrations are wonderful, adding a layer of meaning and humor to the text. But, the book also works just reading the text; I think it would work very well as an audiobook. I laughed out loud for most of this book; it's a Favorite Book for this year.

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    8. How much did I love it? I bought my own copy. That's love, what with the spending the money and needing to find room on the shelves. The second bit probably won't be a real problem; I'm sure the niece and nephew will pounce on it and claim it as theirs and take it home. The Publisher's website includes a few pages from the book, so you can see the brilliance.

      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

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