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Did Bran, with his Three-Eyed Raven powers, see this one coming? Who knows.

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His all-seeing abilities were limited to the past and the present, but he occasionally caught glimpses of the future. If he was aware that he'd one day be king, with Tyrion Lannister as his Hand, and Brienne of Tarth, Bronn, Samwell Tarly, and others on his council, he didn't let on. Bran was never one for making things easy. Right now, it looks like his powers will come in handy for tracking down Drogon, at least. As for the far-fetched theory that Bran was actually evil because he was touched by the Night King, we saw no hint of that in the series finale.

He seemed even-keeled and calm, ready to take on the challenge of ruling thousands of people. He's yet to be corrupted by his power, and so there's hope. And he seems eager to lean heavily on his council. So there you have it: Bran the Broken is the King of Westeros.

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Whether that's the ending Game of Thrones fans deserve is up for debate. He's a king who can see everything, always. He can warg into people's brains. If nothing else, it sounds like an interesting case of government surveillance. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Obviously, Bran's had a very unique experience. This would explain why later Tyrion is so ready to vouch for Bran in light of his incredible personal journey to becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. He compliments Bran's wheelchair, saying it's even better than the saddle he designed back in season one.

According to Bran, his chair is based on the one Daeron Targaryen built for his nephew years ago.

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His familiarity with that history impresses Tyrion, who told Joffrey back in season four that Daeron's story should be required reading for any future ruler. A book every king should read.

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At this point, it's entirely possible Bran had already foreseen himself on the throne, in which case his reaction would make sense on multiple levels. Bran: I don't really want anymore. Narrator: If he expected to be crowned king, why would he take on a lordship? In episode six, he does imply that he'd known about his destiny beforehand.

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As for Daenerys, it's safe to assume Bran knew her fate well before the rest of us. In a vision back in season four, he saw the shadow of a dragon flying over the rooftops of King's Landing. When he was fleeing the cave with Meera in season six, that ominous shot recurred in a longer dream sequence that also included images of Daenerys and of a full-grown Drogon in the sky.

These were intercut with shots of Aerys II and his green wildfire, connecting the Mad King of the past with the Mad Queen of the near future. The question is whether Bran shared this information with anyone. It wouldn't be the first time the Three-Eyed Raven issued warnings off-screen. The season seven finale revealed that Bran had been advising his sisters about Littlefinger's schemes. Did he confide similarly in Tyrion? If so, that would explain the certainty with which Tyrion spoke to Jaime about the outcome of the impending battle.

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Jamie: It's not impossible that she'll win. Jamie: If the three dragons are dead, she's evened the odds. Tyrion: The city will fall tomorrow. There won't be an Iron Fleet for much longer.

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Do it! If you don't, you'll never see Cersei again. Narrator: Maybe Tyrion mistakenly thought he could change the inevitable by issuing fierce warnings to all the important players. Tyrion: Her followers will abandon her if they know the war is lost.

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Give them that chance. If the city surrenders, they will ring the bells and raise the gates, please, if you hear them ringing the bells, call off the attack. Swear to me, escape.

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The two of you, together. Either way, the show hints that the kind of indifference Bran exhibits is actually an asset. This idea is referenced in season eight, episode four, when Tyrion and Varys are discussing Jon's fitness to rule. Tyrion: He doesn't want the throne.

He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King He Would Be King
He Would Be King

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