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Works N : Shows how many works are listed in the second column. First Use: Shows the year in which Sorabji completed the first work listed. This makes it possible to see at a glance the order in which he introduced terms into his lists of contents. Category: Suggests a category under which a given item can be grouped. Some section titles could be listed under more than one category, which means that the labels proposed should not be considered definitive. Opus clavisymphonicum — Concerto for Piano and Large Orchestra ; pp. Sixth Symphony for Piano Symphonia claviensis ; pp.

Toccata seconda per pianoforte ; pp. Second Symphony for Piano ; pp. Passeggiata veneziana sopra la Barcarola di Offenbach ; 24 pp.

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Toccata [no. Symphony [no. Symphony no. Sonata IV for Piano ; pp. Bach, Followed by a Fugue ; 15 pp. Second Symphony for Organ ; pp. Fourth Symphony for Piano Alone ; pp. Introduction, Passacaglia, Cadenza, and Fugue ; compl. Alexander Abercrombie, ; 79 pp. Opus clavicembalisticum ; pp.

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  • Preludio — Prelude — 2. Ostinato — Ostinato — 3. Canzona — Canzona — 4. Intermezzo — Intermezzo — 5. Postludi — Postlude 7— Laudent, laudent nomen Domini! Allegro moderato — 2. Quasi moderato e semplice assai — 3. Grave — 4. Allegro triomfare. Jean Sibelius : Intrada op. Frans Linnavuori : Iltalaulu 3—4. T oivo Kuula : Preludi op. Visavuori 6. Heikki Klemetti : Pieni preludi 7.

    Sulo Salonen: Pieni Preludi 8— Sulo Salonen : Partita Sen suven suloisuutta 13— Oskar Merikanto: koraali-alkusoittoa Oskar Merikanto: Rukous. Kalela —? Jean Sibelius : Surusoitto op. Jean Sibelius: I mpromptu op.

    Armas Maasalo : In memoriam Eino Leino op. Amos Andersonin taidemuseo Aarre Merikanto: Andante Juhani Pohjanmies: Andante grazioso Jean Sibelius: Preludium ja Postludium. Sonata A-Dur op. Jean Sibelius : Vapaamuurareiden rituaalimusiikki opus orig. Oskar Merikanto : Romanssi arr. Eduard Adolf Tod : Andante religioso opus 10 Aarre Merikanto : Interludium original version Naji Hakim : Expression Symphony III op.

    II Minuetto 3. III Marcia 4. IV Adagio 5. V Final Allegro molto. Symphony VIII op. I Allegro risoluto 7. II Moderato cantabile 8. III Allegro 9.

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    IV Variations V Adagio VI Finale. Duo per piano e organo , Op. Hymnus for Trumpet and Organ 3. Wedding March Toccata version 1. Naji Hakim : Suite Rhapsodique 7. Jan Lehtola : Visions 8. Harri Ahmas : Four Bagatelli 13— Jouko Linjama: I Mosaici di Roma op. Adventti 3 Hoosianna huudetaan Jouko Linjama 2. Uusivuosi 40 Oi nimi kaikkein suloisin Jan Lehtola 4. Koskinen 5.

    List of compositions by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

    Koskinen 9. Chaconne D minor arr. Wilhelm Middelschulte 2. Oskar Merikanto 4. Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue D minor arr. Max Reger 6.

    interludio and finale organ Manual

    Oskar Merikanto 7. Oskar Merikanto 8. Charles-Marie Widor. Romanze 2. Scherzoso 3. Aufschwung 4.

    Saint Saens Final (Organ Symphony), transcribed for Organ solo!

    Betrachtung 5. Andante 7. Andante con moto 8. Allegro maestoso. Fantaisie en Ut majeur Opus Marcussen Organ in Helsinki Cathedral, Finland. Toccata in D per organo , Op. Magnificat, Canticum B.

    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ
    Interludio and Finale - Organ Interludio and Finale - Organ

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