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Wu worries, however, that change may have come too fast.

He was among those left shivering when environmental inspectors began destroying coal-fired heaters late last year as part of a push to switch to natural gas or electric heating systems. I can cope with the low temperature, but what about the elderly? What about children? In one nearby area, primary school students reportedly suffered frostbite and were forced to study outdoors in the sunshine after their radiators stopped working. Overall, however, Wu believes China is on the right track.

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Times, though, appear to be changing. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics China. Pollution Air pollution Asia Pacific Art news.

Reuse this content. Its new Vanilla Blue Sky smoothie is part of a rebrand for the juice company, which unveiled a new shortened name, aesthetic, and menu on Thursday. Jamba has struggled in recent years as consumers have moved away from sugar-packed and highly processed drinks in favor of organic, gluten-free, and low-calorie alternatives. A new team of executives was assembled in January to lead the brand's comeback.

Blue Sky Gazing – The Frustrated Nester

Led by President Geoff Henry and Chief Marketing Officer Shivram Vaideeswaran, the new team created a strategy that focused on having less sugar and more plants in its drinks. It was on the morn of this new plan's launch that I found myself in possession of one of Jamba's most intriguing new creations: an algae-based smoothie by the name of Vanilla Blue Sky.

Spirulina gives the Vanilla Blue Sky smoothie its color. Once I pushed past my confusion at the combination of the flavor vanilla with the color blue, I realized that this strange creature's unnatural color was, in fact, not the product of a laboratory, but spirulina. A quick Google search revealed to me that spirulina is a nutrient-rich cyanobacteria, although there is no scientific evidence to support its nutritional advantages or effectiveness in treating health conditions. Nevertheless, I am ambivalent about algae, even if it is blue-green.

Blue Sky (Vacation Home), Flic-en-Flac (Mauritius) Deals

The main components of the smoothie are almond milk, vanilla coconut milk, bananas, and pineapples — and all of those sounded perfectly palatable together. The smoothie was fairly watery, unlike the thick and creamy Jamba classics. There was a hint of sweet, probably provided by the sugar in the fruit as well as by the added sugar in the vanilla coconut milk. The combination of plant-based milks made for a nutty flavor that enhanced the creaminess of the banana, while the pineapple added a very slight acidic tang. There was also a vaguely earthy undertone, which I attribute to the algae.

The spirulina also imparts the smoothie with earthy undertones.


Supposed health benefits aside, this smoothie was a light, refreshing, yet fairly filling breakfast alternative. As a lactose-intolerant person, I felt pretty good about consuming these vegan milks. I also felt pretty good afterwards. There was little-to-no added sugar, which is — at least for me — an improvement upon Jamba's sugar-packed classic smoothies. I'm not really a smoothie drinker, much less a Jamba fan.

And while this smoothie didn't exactly wow me with its taste, I drank all of it and felt pretty good afterwards.

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Plus, there was something about the nutty, earthy taste that was actually kind of addicting. Maybe the time is right for blue to ditch the artificial raspberry. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky
Once Upon A Blue Sky Once Upon A Blue Sky

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