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You can manage them any time from your browser settings. No Thanks Allow. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. Life sucks, we know. Once you are 18 we promise to show you this content but not till then! Connect with. TAGS: silly thoughts , shower thoughts , random , shower thoughts for when youre bored ,. The captain is attempting to negotiate a reasonable price for what she wants to buy.

Just as they reach an agreement, a man bumps into Torres. She gets angry for a second as the man apologizes but she accepts his apology. Guill comes over and asks if she is all right. She says yes and Janeway finishes her transaction. A short while later, they hear screaming in the streets. They run over to find the man who bumped into Torres beating another man bloody.

The beaten man is severely injured as Janeway stops the aggressor. The aggressor seems surprised at himself and says he does not know why he did that.

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While all of this is happening, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok and the city's Chief Examiner Nimira talk of security and maintaining order. Nimira says there has been no violence in their society for years. She is one of the last security officers among the Mari. Tuvok offers to transport her aboard Voyager to demonstrate their ways of security enforcement.

On Voyager , Tuvok and Nimira walk out of the brig while Nimira comments on what an odd concept the brig is: keeping a person in confinement as a punishment. Tuvok explains more on how their security system works. When they hear of the incident on the street however, they both beam back to the surface to investigate.

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Back on the planet , Nimira asks Janeway, Neelix and Torres routine questions about the incident because they were all witnesses. While asking questions, she telepathically observes their minds. As she is interrogating Torres, the incident where the man bumped into her comes up. Torres admits that she was angry at him and felt like hitting him back for a split second. Upon hearing that comment, Nimira puts Torres under arrest for having violent thoughts. Nimira justifies her decision by stating that Torres' images were transferred to the man earlier that day in the split-second when she had her violent thoughts.

Because of this transfer, it was Torres' fault that the crime took place. Janeway tries to defend Torres, saying that the Mari could not possibly incarcerate Torres for her "thoughts" because the man who committed the act ought to be held responsible for his own actions. However, Nimira refuses to accept Janeway's argument and schedules an engramatic purge of Torres' memory to remove those images.

Janeway tries to stop Nimira but she refuses and apologizes, stating that this practice is necessary and part of the Mari criminal investigation system. Janeway and Tuvok begin their own investigation of the crime to find a way to stop the engramatic purge which could cause Torres serious brain injury.

They cannot seem to find any convincing evidence except that the man, Frane , had been charged numerous times with possessing violent thoughts. Nimira says that this information is irrelevant.

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Later that day, while Neelix and Seven of Nine are on the planet's surface talking, they hear a scream. They rush over to the source.

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They find an old woman with a bloody knife standing over Talli , a woman with whom Neelix had become friends. Talli is dead.

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Neelix is deeply upset that Talli was killed and, on Voyager , asks Tuvok to do everything in his power to find who was responsible for this act and bring him to justice. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music. Random Thoughts by Shulman.

Chaos of the human brain: How our random thoughts inspire genius — and self-destruction

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    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts

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