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Witchright Hall

Why does the Dark Lord even want a half-witch by his side to reign over hell?

Also still totally unclear: how magic works here. Is she good at magic?

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In this world, is that even a thing? On top of the pacing issue, nothing about the manifesto-recovery makes sense. If everyone knew that Edward was headed to Rome to tell the anti-Pope about his manifesto, and the manifesto went down with the plane, why did no one even look for the thing until now?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Ending scene

But the absence of all this crucial context and information is extremely distracting. It pulls me out of the show. Does it do the same to you?

Sabrina Peters

I trust you to share your qualms or non-qualms in the comments! So we start the episode with Father Blackwood and his Ben Affleck—level back tattoo getting interrupted by the Weird Sisters, who are wearing Little House on the Prairie nightgowns, like the kind Taylor used to make her friends wear at slumber parties during the era. They had a dream which — this will shock you — is a warning that the Spellmans will be the undoing of the Blackwoods. Blackwood insists Zelda is in his thrall, which is hilarious. Not sure what his hang-up is about this now that Constance is dead and no one cares that he slept around.

We could have spent an entire season building to this wedding! The Witch Pope is coming from Rome to perform the ceremony, because I guess no one wanted to just get ordained online and keep things simple. Zelda manages to get Hilda, her maid of dishonor, un-excommunicated recommunicated? Everyone is trying to be supportive about the whole thing but Sabrina is scandalized that Zelda would marry someone she neither loves nor trusts, and Ambrose is grieving over Luke.

Also, his familiar a mouse is MIA and he thinks Salem who, to be fair, is a cat ate him. Nick tells Sabrina about the anti-Pope, who is above all the high priests. Also, apparently ghosts love weddings because Constance is back, looming over the proceedings and haunting Zelda. Hilda does some dirt magic and captures her, preventing Constance from crashing the actual wedding. Though Sabrina got the brush-off from the aunties, Ambrose believes her.

Who will get to show their work to the anti-Pope? In a bit of perfect casting, this father of fathers is played by Ray Wise of Twin Peaks fame.

Sabrina Barbic: “Tolerance is not good enough. We need to advocate for acceptance” – DIVA MAGAZINE

The anti-Pope tells Sabrina he was a big fan of her father and his philosophies. He also hits on every single woman he talks to, regardless of age, which is … weird! She is passionate about inclusion, especially in the workplace. Sabrina joined Gilead because of the meaningful work they do to treat and cure diseases.


She says their commitment to diversity was also an important factor. In light of this, Sabrina wants to tackle and improve unconscious bias. Helping people be more aware of the way they communicate can make a big difference.

As a professional with a varied global career, Sabrina has come out many times in the past because of the assumption people make. At a dinner with a colleague, she was surprised when asked what her husband did for a living. I prefer acceptance.


It should be about acceptance. When it comes to the workplace, the first challenge is putting inclusion on the agenda. The key is convincing people to come together and giving them an opportunity to connect. Only reading DIVA online?

Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance
Sabrinas Acceptance Sabrinas Acceptance

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